Faith – the Ultimate Spiritual Armour

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Man’s biggest strength is not intellect; it is faith and trust. If faith and trust become solid and stable, then they switch on God’s power.

Faith and belief, or faith and trust, are the basis of bhakti. They are also the basis of your life. Faith and belief are innate qualities in you. Without faith and belief, you would not survive even for a single day. Faith and belief provide an individual with an identity.

Shraddha or faith is the brahmastra, the ultimate weapon of spirituality. It is the ultimate armour, the ultimate power of spiritual life.

I have come to the conclusion that if you have faith, you have God in you. I can also assure you that every one of you has faith. You are not bankrupt; you are rich in faith. If I tell you that your faith is more powerful, effulgent and rich than your intellect, you will not understand. So far as intellect is concerned, you are a pygmy, but your faith is vast, cosmic, pure and great.