Yoga Chakra Kala Nidhi

In the YOGA magazine issue of October 1965, Swami Prarthanananda, one of the earliest disciples of Sri Swamiji, wrote an article called ‘The Hub of the Wheel’ in which he addresses Sri Swamiji as Yoga Chakra Kala Nidhi Paramahamsa. He continues “Swami Satyanandaji was embarked to guide, lead, elevate and conduct classes for the regeneration of our lost heritage and the revival of the ancient yogic culture.”

The long title given to Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda means ‘the Repository of the Art and Science of the Wheel of Yoga’, for from the beginning, the yoga taught by Sri Swamiji in Munger was known as the Yoga Chakra.

This issue of YOGA magazine is dedicated to the early teachings of Sri Swamiji on the six branches of yoga that make the wheel of yoga.