The Thirst for Knowledge

Jignasu Dharmapriya, Sri Lanka

My journey to BSY began with a spiritual quest. I live in a culture which gives importance to spirituality. My interactions with monks and the teachings of Lord Buddha inspired me and gave me a thirst for vidya. I knew it existed but I did not know how to go about it.

When I was able to retire from my work, I came to BSY for the Yogic Studies in 2015. It was my first experience of BSY and it was something I had never imagined in my life. Here are some observations:

Many students found the pawanmuktasana series too simple, but for me it was the most amazing experience from the micro to the macro levels. My medical background as a nurse told me that these practices were the best for the body and mind.

Karma yoga was the best part for me . . . working hard has been a part of my life since a very young age. I loved all the different duties and would try to give my best. So much so that my friends called me ’Colombo Express’. I learnt so much more about myself and life by doing karma yoga than I had during my working days.

My first darshan with Swamiji was during a Sunday satsang. That moment I understood that my thirst for knowledge disappeared and my whole perception of life changed. I became blank. Later I had the opportunity to connect with my guru through mantra diksha.

When I went home, I discovered a different me. I realized how our gurus’ teachings inspired me to be a better person. The teachings and the tradition provided me with an opportunity to find my path as an aspirant and to understand my samskaras.

Above all, I learnt about the Mahimna or glory of the guru and how through his teaching and life’s situations he enables us to understand and deepen our experiences. What I have taken with me was the inspiration to change and to help others in need as an act of gratitude for the vidya imparted to us by guru and tradition.

Since the Yogic Studies course, I have been coming regularly to Ganga Darshan. I have participated in the Progressive Yoga Vidya Trainings 1 and 2, and followed the sequence of the four levels of Hatha Yoga Yatra and Raja Yoga Yatra. Yes, my thirst for knowledge which brought me to BSY has been more than quenched.