Logo of Bihar Yoga Bharati


The eagle, is the king of the birds, and the vehicle of Vishnu.


  • soars high up in the endless sky, representing the flight of the individual consciousness in the vastness of cosmic consciousness.
  • has sharp and keen vision, representing the effulgence of viveka, a sense of discrimination and right understanding.
  • faces towards the left, symbolizing peace, companionship and universal vision.
  • sits on a branch of wood, representing the inner potential which manifests as the fire of knowledge when ignited.

The mantras

Nasti yogat param balam.

Nasti jnanat parah bandhuh.

There is no power equal to yoga.

There is no friend greater than wisdom.

The mala

The symbol is encircled by a mala of rudraksha, representing the third eye of Shiva which opens after transcendence of gross awareness and gives perception of supreme consciousness.