Yogic Studies (English) 2019–2020

Starting each day with Hari Om,

Feel how the ashram becomes a new home.

Home, where everyone is teacher and friend,

Under Swamiji’s never-ending care.

Like rivers of grace, flowing from high altitudes,

He touches and fills everything with joy and gratitude.

I come here to breathe in the spirit of freedom,

To overcome conditions which separate me from wisdom.

This high knowledge is contained here,

Accessible to those who are truly sincere.

Bihar School of Yoga is the place to be,

To connect with truth in the 21st century.

We’re gaining through giving – that’s how we succeed

My mind and heart are full of such seeds.

Seeds, that I’m responsible to grow,

The results – the future will show.

Miroslava, Lithuania

Words cannot do justice to the three months that I have spent in the ashram. It is a feeling of pure bliss to have worked on myself on so many levels. Sweeping, chopping, cleaning the drains felt like a mundane task until I actually realized it was stirring so much in me. My journey from being a germ- phobic to voluntarily cleaning the wash room, from not being able to shut my eyes for one minute to keeping them closed during the entire evening sadhana, from getting irritated at everything to accepting everything with arms wide open has been inexplicable. I am making now some space in my heart for a little more courage to believe in myself and a little more faith in that celestial being high above. Grateful, always!

Ashi Jaiswal, Jabalpur