Secret of Energy and Dynamic Work

Whenever I take up any work,

I finish it at any cost.

Whenever I start writing a book,

I complete it somehow or other.

Whenever I take up a book for study,

I complete it before taking up another work.

I never leave anything half done.

I concentrate on the subject and

Think intensely without distraction.

I am firm, steadfast and steady.

I have intense application to work.

I have tenacity and intensity of purpose.

I am now 72 (in 1958). I keep myself busy. I am always blissful and happy. I can do more work. I personally attend to hundreds of students at the Ashram and manage the affairs of the Divine Life Society, the Forest University, the General Hospital and guide thousands of students at far off places through correspondence. I pay much attention to the Printing Press and the despatches of useful books to the students, libraries and religious institutions. I can do more. The secret of my energy for the dynamic work is the keeping up of the Divine Consciousness throughout.

Change the angle of vision and be always happy and cheerful. See only good everywhere. Dance in joy. Saturate the mind with divine thoughts. You will at once feel tremendous, inner spiritual strength and spiritual power from within. The peace you enjoy now cannot be described in words.

Adopt any method that can make your mind move inward, that can make the mind one-pointed and steady. Keep control over the senses. Have a careful vigil and intense faith. Develop willpower. Otherwise, vikshepa and alasya, oscillation and laziness, will overpower you.

Printed in Autobiography of Swami Sivananda Saraswati