Full of Joy and Energy

From Yoga Chakrodaya, Munger Yoga Symposium 2018, Book 1/3

Jignasu Shaktimurti (Greece): I feel very proud to have participated in this historical event of Satyananda Yoga. I was given everything I needed and much more. The difficulties at the physical level have been forgotten and now I feel so full of joy and energy and so inspired to begin working and putting into practice the yoga ‘from moment to moment’.

The main thing that made me cry sometimes was to see all the positive qualities expressed by Swami Niranjan and especially his love for all of us. He took care of everything in such a detailed manner. The perfect environment, the plants and flowers, the music, the kirtan, the delicious food, the evening programs, the havan, so much prasad! Everything was perfect.

I will try with all my heart to be serious, sincere and committed to all the responsibility he gave us. Thank you!