From On the Wings of the Swan, Volume VII, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Yes, there is competition, there is negativity, there is confusion, there is miscommunication, there are conflicts, there are problems; there are many things that happen. The power structures and power plays are there, so those things happen. They have been happening since the time of Adam and Eve and they will continue to happen until the end of the world. What should one do to manage this situation or this condition? Focus on your own excellence, and that is it. Nothing more needs to be said. Focus on excellence and try to excel in everything that you do without worrying about other people, without worrying about yourself, without worrying about your ambitions, drives and motivations, for they will be changing all the time. The drive to obtain excellence in everything that you do will ensure that you will always achieve and succeed in life.

28 April 2006