The Rice Experiment

Swami Yogagnana and Swami Vivekamurti, Bulgaria

We are sending you an experiment, which shows very clearly the power of the positive and negative energy of words and thoughts on material substances. Those who do not believe that such energies exist, can do the experiment themselves. The Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto proved that water reacts to words and thoughts. He suggested this experiment with boiled rice at home, no need of scientific instruments. We did the following:

On 20th February we put boiled rice in 3 jars and closed them.

1. To the first jar we spoke nice words a few times every day, like: I love you. Thank you. You are beautiful. We sent our love to the rice in the jar.

2. The second jar was put away, and we did not look at it at all.

3 .To the third jar we spoke harsh words like: I don’t like you, rice. I hate you.

After a few days, gradually a difference began to appear in the two jars that we looked at. You can see the results after fifteen days and after one month.

The second jar shows us what happens when there is no human intervention – the natural processes. The first and third jars show us what happens when we intervene in a positive and in a negative direction.

Our bodies are about seventy percent water. We should not forget that the thoughts and words, which we think and speak, have the most powerful impact on us.

Suggested practical part:

Choose which jar you would like to be. And adjust your mind accordingly.