Yoga Training at Ganga Darshan: Impressions and Experiences

Respiratory Capsule

The teachers were very good and had a clear concept and presentation to help the students; and they were loving. Inside the campus of Bihar School of Yoga, life is very disciplined. Everybody gets up at 4 am and lives a healthy and peaceful life.

The meals were beyond my expectation. It was a delicious and well-balanced diet. Everyone was washing their own plates and glasses. No outside servants are kept for washing or cleaning the hostels. Everybody is contributing their own services in their own way. It is a very beautiful approach which I appreciated a lot.

I learnt a lot here and will share the experience of this kind of life with my children, relatives and neighbours.

Kishore Kumar Verma, Deoghar

Total Health Capsule

It was the first time I attended any session of yoga by the yogis. For the first time in my life I have attended any session of yoga by true yogis. The environment of BSY campus is itself a teacher. Here, food, the prasadam we had, was also a lesson in some way. Through karma yoga I came to know how to work to manifest or see yoga in every walk of life. The bhakti yoga helped attain spirituality and mental harmony. I kind of realized greater mental, physical, emotional and spiritual consciousness during the sessions. The restrictions and disciplined routine made sure we got the complete yogic experience.

Aditya Gaurav, Patna

Digestive Capsule

Objective: the purpose of my visit to the Ashram was to learn and develop a way to live conducive to health and life. This of course includes learning some asanas and pranayama. The lifestyle disease has assumed gigantic proportions and has taken in its grip the entire mankind. A solution to this problem is the challenge to human endeavour and ingenuity. The ashram life seemed to be a way out.

Achievements: the ashram life devoid of TV, newspaper, mobile and fast food taught us that living without them is possible. The food in the ashram, devoid of the spices and oil was sufficient for our requirements. The timings for serving food was scientific and is worth following in our family life.

Attending our hatha yoga classes at 5.30 am required that one had to get up early in the morning, finish the morning chores before the scheduled time. Three hours of karma yoga required us to do physical labour. raja yoga classes were the icing on the cake.

The ambience of the campus was about perfect for a sanatorium. The friendly atmosphere in the ashram premises, among the residents coming from the different parts of the globe was exemplary.

Arun Kumar Mishra, Patna

Yoga Lifestyle

It was an uplifting, soulful experience. While I was expecting to get a deep understanding of asanas, what I have learned is significantly more than that.

The course introduced me to a more balanced, healthy and disciplined lifestyle that can be incorporated on a daily basis. The mantra chanting helped energize as well as calm the mind. The morning class helped me learn the necessary asanas that I will try to practise daily. The afternoon session was more about deep relaxation and chanting.

Most enlightening part of the camp was the daily session with Swamiji where he enlightened us about multiple topics – reason and basis of yogic lifestyle, importance of yoga, preventive care and positive attitude along with right diet, sleep, and exercise pattern.

I also enjoyed the evening sessions which were managed flawlessly, had some exceptional singing talents, outstanding aesthetics and most importantly complete investment of heart and soul by everyone involved. The two sessions I attended at Akhara were also ethereal and soul touching.

The food was also sumptuous and every meal was carefully planned and full of nutrition.

All in all, it has been a wonderful experience for me and I will nurture and cherish what I have learned here. I will also do my best to implement it and live yoga ‘moment to moment’. Thank you for organizing this camp which has made me connect with myself better. God bless you all. Among the many thoughts I have with me, this is one by Sri Swami Satyananda: ‘Every action should be intense, enthusiastic, concentrated with joy and spontaneity’.

Charu Kaushal, New Delhi

Hatha Yoga Yatra 1

I came to the ashram to learn new things and to relearn old things, and to unlearn some things. Hatha Yoga Yatra 1 provided exactly that opportunity to experience the shatkarmas under guidance of Swamiji. I really feel blessed for such an incredible opportunity to have Swamiji teaching us these ‘simple’ asanas in a systematic and clear manner. All in all, I would say that the week was ‘fun’ in the yogic sense of the word. How can one forget the sound of 70+ students doing kunjal together! Along with all those special memories, I will leave with new tools and renewed enthusiasm “not only to live but to love yoga moment to moment.“

Sannyasi Anandaroopa, USA

Hatha Yoga Yatra 2

The structured six-week program given by Swamiji during Hatha Yoga Yatra 1 helped me to discipline my practice for the last year. I was able to follow the program regularly and was looking forward to attend Hatha Yoga Yatra 2.

The experience of Yatra 2 was quite different and deeper. It was a progressive experience in all the practices of asana, pranayama and yoga nidra. In the satsang, my understanding of Swamiji’s teaching was enhanced. I am going back with a lot of learning to make yoga my lifestyle.

Rajesh Sehgal, New Delhi

From ignorance to vidya – what a long journey! Thank you for guiding us a few steps along this path . . . From self-oriented perception to Self-oriented – what a challenge! Thank you for showing us the direction . . . From the stormy sea of raga and dwesha to the safe harbour of letting go – like a light house you shine and illumine our adventure. Thank you for being with us.

Jignasu Tyagbodh, Czech Republic