One Hundred Percent Attention

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

People often ask how they can maintain the level of energy, clarity and subtle awareness that they experience in the ashram when they are practising back home. That is where the challenge is.

In the ashram, you don't have any distraction. You come here for a course. From morning until evening you are running from your room to the course, to lunch, to dinner, to class. So you are not doing any of your normal activities or duties. However, at home there are more engagements, more responsibilities, more duties, whether it is your children, profession, house or kitchen.

At home you should make the effort to be absolutely one-pointed when you are practising. For that period, you should forget the house, and for one hour nothing exists. You will find that this will help you maintain your own awareness and experience. If while practising you begin to identify with what you have to do after you finish the practice, then the whole purpose is defeated.

Therefore, at home, when you are doing your practices, be one hundred percent attentive to that, not ninety-nine, then you will be able to maintain the energy and mindset that you experience in the ashram.

11 August 2018, Paduka Darshan, Munger