Munger Yoga Symposium

There are no words to describe the feelings and experiences we have had at the Munger Yoga Symposium 2018. Any attempt to express the beautiful and treasured moments seems to be limited and incomplete.

Swamiji presented the principles of applying yoga vidya in our lives which will bring out our inherent positive qualities and transform ourselves. He gave us more than we asked or planned for, and we felt the love and care in every activity, during satsangs, in yoga classes at Chhaya Samadhi or participating in seva, akhand kirtan, following the rituals in Akhara during yajna ceremonies.

The symposium was organized to every detail, and even the idea of separating the participants in blue and red brought to our minds the main forces of ida and pingala working harmoniously.

We saw people's smiling faces as they were coming out from the DVD theatre, the Kundalini Awakening Centre, the Satyam Yoga Prasad area and at the same time we were hearing the akhand kirtan from the amphitheatre. Such generosity of giving in any form we have never seen anywhere.

The light of Satyananda Yoga in the 2nd Chapter reflected the knowledge spread freely, is entering to the electronic age as Swamiji uploaded the Satyananda Yoga books and DVDs to the web and launched in cyberspace the Satyananda Yoga encyclopaedia 'Bihar Yoga Wiki'.

Participating in the presentation and beginning of the 2nd Chapter of Satyananda Yoga, we feel very much honoured and blessed by our Gurus and heartily wish that the new chapter will transform and finally uplift humanity.

Sannyasis Vedamurti and Durgashakti, Greece

I have not been in Munger since the 4-month course in 2009. During the Symposium I realized more and more how Munger has changed. There was so much love coming to all of us that almost every day, there were tears in my eyes. There are no words for the generosity, the hospitality, the care and love that we were given. I cannot describe how and what it touched within my heart and soul.

The symposium as a whole is not easy to grasp. For me, at this moment, right after the closing of the Symposium, I find that it was heart-opening and most likely will have that heart-opening character in the future too, whenever I connect with my memories of the Symposium.

Jignasu Samadhi, Switzerland

The events of the Symposium swept me off my feet. I felt affection in everything, from the fancy food, endless prasad and all the various programs. Swamiji indulged us like a mother indulges her child on a special occasion, so that the child can be cheerful and receptive to the gems of the occasion.

I returned drenched in that love, joy and laughter. I returned full in every way. A silent celebration is continuing within me. My commitment and effort is to connect with this silent celebration from moment to moment.

Sannyasi Atmadeep, USA

I feel grateful for having the chance to attend this Symposium. Yet, the precious gift that I received was not what I expected. Yes, I came to hear the words of wisdom from Swamiji, to receive strength and inspiration, and I have abundantly obtained that, but at the same time, I was craving for new and deeper techniques, which I thought would establish me firmer on the yogic path. So I sat in the classes, trying to absorb as a sponge every word I heard, eager to implement that at home. Of course the illusions were immediately disparaged. Unfortunately, there is no such technique, only a tough road, enlightened by the awareness to live a more happy and fulfilling life. I am eager to start that journey. I don't expect it to be easy, but I feel guided and supported for all the falls and rises that will come.

Marija Stevanovic, Serbia