Yoga Yatra 2018

From January to June, a Yoga Yatra was conducted throughout India. It represents the vision of Swami Niranjanananda, the dedication of 6 months, a celebration of 360 shivirs and an offering to 36,000 yoga aspirants across the Indian subcontinent. Young and old, new aspirants and long-time associates came to these shivirs to participate or help out. Organizers, teachers, assistants, helpers, drivers and hosts were behind the scenes as thousands of sevaks made the yatra become a reality and come alive. Their goodwill, motivation and selfless contribution were the solid foundation of the Yogayatra 2018. Quiet and unassuming, without expectations or rewards, they allowed the 2nd Chapter of Bihar School of Yoga to unfold in their homes, their neighbourhood, their community and society.

The understanding evolved that yoga was no longer to be a personal fancy or pastime but an inspiration for life. The theme, ‘Yoga for balance and harmony in life’ was no longer a lofty ideal but a practical possibility for everyone. If the benefits of the shivir are to be brought into day-to-day life then seriousness, sincerity and commitment are required; and this might have been the greatest learning of all.

2018 and the Yogayatra 2018 was a silent revolution of presenting yoga as yoga vidya. A full account of this yoga yatra along with statistics, impressions and pictures has been compiled into a book which was released on the occasion of the Munger Yoga Symposium 2018.