Yoga Peeth Events

Makar Sankranti

On 14th January, residents, students and guests practised twelve rounds of surya namaskara, salutation to the sun. With this yogic practice the commencement of the sun’s northbound journey is being observed every year at Ganga Darshan.

Basant Panchami

From 19th to 22nd January, Basant Panchami was celebrated at Ganga Darshan, commemorating the 55th Foundation Day of Bihar School of Yoga. The yoginis from Lalita Mahila Samajam at Thirueengoimalai, Tamil Nadu, conducted daily aradhana dedicated to Devi Chandi, Lalita and Saraswati.

On 22nd, Swami Shivadhyanam and Swami Atmamaitri addressed the gathering of over one thousand guests. Citizens of Munger and old associates of Bihar School of Yoga spoke on their connection and shared their personal experiences related to BSY.

Swami Niranjanananda spoke on the 2nd Chapter of BSY which will be launched this year. He said that in the first fifty years aspirants pursued the aim of physical health and mental peace. For the 2nd Chapter the aim of yoga training will be yogic lifestyle and the cultivation of right conduct.

The yoginis concluded the program with pooja in the Chhaya Samadhi.

International Day of Yoga

On 21st June, BSY conducted a program from 6 to 7.30 am at Paduka Darshan on the occasion of the fourth International Day of Yoga which was attended by more than 500 participants who were guided through practices of mantra, asana, pranayama, relaxation, concentration and a meditation on yama and niyama. In Munger, ‘the City of Yoga’, similar programs were conducted by members of BYMM, YYMM and the Ramayan Mandali at over 100 venues, in which thousands of people participated. Programs were conducted by ashrams and centres throughout Bihar, India and in many countries around the world.

Guru Poornima

From 24th to 27th July, the inspiring and uplifting Guru Poornima celebrations were held at Paduka Darshan. Swamiji was present everywhere, and shared the joy of kirtan with all devotees.

In his satsangs, Swami Niranjanananda emphasized the importance of cultivating spiritual qualities in the life of every aspirant. He gave the examples of Swami Sivananda who lived and perfected manahprasad and namaskara, happiness and humility, as qualities of the head. Sri Swami Satyananda emphasized bhava shuddhi and shraddha, purity and faith, as essential qualities of the heart. Swamiji added samskaras and sanskriti, creating a positive environment and expressing positivity in life. These two qualities enhance the performance of the hands.

Swamiji also invited all present to take stock of the last year and evaluate how many steps along the path have been taken, and to continue with renewed inspiration and strength.

During the celebrations, Swamiji initiated 175 aspirants into mantra, 46 into jignasu sannyasa and 54 into karma sannyasa.


On 7th November, Diwali was celebrated with beautiful performances of dance and karate by the children of Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal. In his satsang, Swamiji spoke on the meaning of spirituality and explained the significance of lighting candles on Diwali.


On 24th December, sannyasins of Ganga Darshan sang carols and kirtan for guests and residents in Jyoti Mandir. On 25th December, Christmas was celebrated with citizens of Munger and members of BYMM and YYMM. Swamiji spoke on the connection between Sri Swami Satyananda and Jesus Christ whose births are being celebrated on this day. It is their lives and teachings which remain an inspiration for all aspirants.