Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal (BYMM) 2017

Bal Yoga Diwas

On 19th February, the children of the Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal celebrated their annual Foundation Day, the Bal Yoga Diwas. Ashram residents, students, guests, BYMM children and their family members enjoyed a superb presentation of yogasana, karate, dance and creative arts. Many of the children spoke on their experience as BYMM members.

International Day of Yoga

On the International Day of Yoga, the town of Munger became the stage for the children to demonstrate their skills as yoga instructors, demonstrators and flawless organizers.

New programs

Added to the regular classes of yogasana, karate, chanting and kirtan, havan, spoken English and painting, two new topics have been added.

During Chaturmas, 22 children learnt the art of screen printing. The whole process from the preparation of making the frame to the final step of printing on paper and fabric was shown to the enthusiastic group.

A group of 9 children was selected for training in advanced techniques of the martial art Kung-fu. They learnt the basic kata and exercises of attack and defence.

Throughout the year, the contribution of BYMM has been a valuable and integrated part to the activities at Ganga Darshan and Paduka Darshan. With their wholehearted involvement, their skill and joy they were able to maintain the standard of their performance and delight everyone with their presence in every program. The children of BYMM are indeed a symbol of inherent potential discovered and applied, and happiness lived and expressed.