Yuva Yoga Mitra Mandal (YYMM)

Real education starts when the inner mental potential is awakened and one starts to become aware of the spiritual being. This process of education is called yoga.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati


From 25th to 29th May, the Yuva Yoga Mitra Mandal conducted classes in advanced asana for 25 yuvas at Ganga Darshan. The advanced asanas were grouped and performed in ten different sequences.

Foundation Day

On 23rd October, the sixteenth Foundation Day of the YYMM was celebrated at Paduka Darshan, Sannyasa Peeth. The pro gram included havan, kirtan, dance performance, a flute recital and demonstration of advanced asanas by the talented members of YYMM. Swami Shankarananda spoke on the positive effects of yoga in the life of the YYMM members.

Swami Niranjanananda conveyed his good wishes to the YYMM members, gave them guidelines for the future and highlighted the value of vocational training in the modern age.

Besides the almost 500 YYMM members present on the occasion, the program was attended by over 700 sannyasins, ashram residents, guests, students and members of the Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal.