To Live Yoga

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

To live yoga is to be in harmony with yourself. You know what your mind is like. At the same time you know what kind of conflicting patterns you are imbibing in life. How unsteady the mind is! How can you teach tranquility to others while you yourself are disturbed? To live yoga one has to live a harmonious life in body, mind and spirit.

The word ‘yoga’ represents harmony, unity and coordination. This sense of harmony and unity has to be expressed and practised in relation to your own self first, then with the people you live with.

If you live a life of disharmony within yourself, then you know what types of trouble you are going to create. Living yoga means organizing the patterns of one’s own life. If you have no system, discipline or order in your life, you may be a good yoga teacher but you won’t be in harmony with yourself. We come across many teachers of yoga throughout the world and some of them live a balanced life, but others live a life of paradoxes. They are unsteady in their determination and inaccurate in their decisions.

Therefore, when I say you should not merely teach yoga but also live yoga, I mean you should create a harmonious pattern in your life.