A Goal Attained

I have started to live a yogic lifestyle after participating in the Yoga Instructor Course in August 2014.

As per the guidance given by my teachers, my daily sadhana was between 2.5 to 3 hours and consisted of:

  1. Morning: mantra chanting, hatha yoga, pranayama, Guru mantra;
  2. Afternoon: yoga nidra or antar mouna;
  3. Evening: study (reading books) and antar mouna.

2013 to 2015 were very challenging years in my life as my country had entered a severe crisis in 2014 and I was without a job. I could not find a job in my field of competence which is investment management.

After visiting the ashram in October 2015, I set up a very clear laser-focused goal to myself: to find a job. A simple job, but a job which would be able to unlock my potential and further improve my skills in the area of investment management.

I started to apply yogic practices in order to realize my goal. On top of my daily sadhana I did the following practices:

  1. I used my goal as a sankalpa in yoga nidra;
  2. I used my goal during the chanting of the Durga mantra in the morning, asking Durga for help in achieving my goal;
  3. I used the SWAN meditation in order to have a clear strategy and vision towards my goal;
  4. I used positive imagination (connected to a positive outcome, imagining myself having achieved the goal) in the morning and in the evening.

This was my routine for four consecutive months, from November 2015 to February 2016.

It should be noted that I had set a very challenging goal in challenging times and circumstances. As the situation in my country was and continues to be difficult. The situation in my sector of investment management is very tough as many of my senior colleagues with ten-year and more experience in the field do not have a job today and people continue to get fired.

After continuing with my routine for four months, suddenly in March 2016 I was offered a job which was not only in the very specific area where I wanted to work in, the conditions and the financial compensations were above my expectations. This is the job which I wanted. It gives me fulfilment and satisfaction, the ability to grow professionally, unlock my potential and hopefully help me to do something positive for the world and the people.

I decided that after this one-month training I will start to teach yoga to orphans and to children who are mentally and physically challenged. I want to give them the tools to improve the quality of their lives and to strive towards a future full of light.

I would like to thank all my teachers.

Participant of Progressive Yoga Vidya Training, October 2016