Be Thou a Yogi

From Head, Heart & Hands, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Through meditation, pratyahara and dharana, the faculties of the head are awakened. Through bhakti yoga, the lower qualities of the heart are removed and the emotions are diverted and made free from the external influences which distort their fluidity. Through developing more and more creativity, the faculty of the hands is realized.

Awakening the faculties of the head, heart and hands means that you have to develop and discover a better you. The possibility to become better is already there in you. The possibility of improvement is constant and continuous; it never ends. You think, “I can’t improve any more” only when your mind becomes stagnant. If you can remain optimistic, positive and creative, balanced in emotions and thoughts, then a new you emerges from the ashes of the old you.

That new you is the yogi you. You become a yogi. You do not become enlightened or a siddha, but a yogi who has been able to transform the qualities of life, transcend the weaknesses of life and become established in strength of character and understanding of the spirit. This is the yogic journey that Swami Sivananda spoke about, and this is the yogic journey that Swami Satyananda has started us on.