2015 Activities Report Coutesy of Yuva Yoga Mitra Mandal (YYMM)

Refresher course

From 29th April to 2nd May, YYMM conducted a yoga refresher course in which 50 yuvas participated. The classes were conducted by sannyasis Chandramani and Gautam.


From 9th to 11th July, introductory APMB classes were conducted for admission into the YYMM. More than 700 young people attended the first round of selection which included talks on the tradition of Satyananda Yoga and ashram life. In the personal interviews the candidates were asked about their general knowledge and what they had learnt in the APMB classes. Participation in various seva activities in the ashram followed. 200 males and 50 females were selected as new members.

Foundation Day

On 6th October, the YYMM celebrated their fifteenth Foundation Day at Sannyasa Peeth, Paduka Darshan, in the presence of Swami Niranjanananda. More than 1200 people attended the program: sannyasis, ashram residents, students, guests, YYMM members and their families.

The program consisted of havan and a dance performance dedicated to Sri Swamiji. The yuvas also gave a demonstration of advanced asanas and delighted all with a beautiful flute recital.

Swami Shankarananda addressed the gathering, and Swamiji gave his blessings, inspiration and best wishes for the future of the yuva members.Bihar School of Yoga EventsBihar School of Yoga Events