No Repeats

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

In 2015 my aims and aspirations have become absolutely clear for the next fifty years. During the World Yoga Convention in 2013, I said that the first chapter of yoga propagation was over and the second chapter of understanding yoga had to begin.

In 2014, thinking and observation was my main work. In 2015, I focused on introducing some new teachings of yoga. From 2016 onwards all the programs that have been conducted by BSY for the last fifty years will come to a complete standstill and a whole new generation of yoga program begins. This will set the course for the next fifty years.

Nothing is a repeat of any of the old courses, classes, teacher training or health management that have been conducted in the past. From 2016 yoga takes a new birth at BSY. The old yoga which you know is out the gate. A new yoga will develop, which will have its base on the sadhana component.

31 October 2015, Ganga Darshan, Munger