Impressions by the Yuvas

I was very nervous since this was the first time that I was going to be a teacher and not a student in a yoga class. I had never taught before and at the start of the session I was very nervous; but as the class progressed I found that my fear had vanished. People were following my instructions and practising so well, my colleague was demonstrating the asanas perfectly! There were about 25–30 men and women in the class and they all offered us snacks and cold drinks after we had finished. I returned to the ashram and was very happy for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you, Swamiji!

Afzal Khan

I saw great enthusiasm in the children and youth at the venue where I taught. Another special experience was to witness the faith and respect that people have towards BSY. It is hard to express in words, but the manner in which we were treated – with such honour and warmth – was only because we had come to teach yoga as representatives of this great institution. I noticed that not only did people experience the importance of yoga practice in their lives but that they were eager to adopt it as a lifestyle as well.

Sikander Kumar (Satkirti)

I was assigned to go to the session at the Central Jail in Munger. I do not have much knowledge about yoga and was worried about how I would be able to teach. The three-day training program we attended in the ashram gave me a different kind of energy and inspiration. When I went for the session to the jail, I felt that all my fears had fled far away and I was able to conduct the class very well. This is only possible because of the blessings and grace of Swamiji.

Ashish Kumar

I was given the opportunity to contribute towards the celebration of the International Day of Yoga. I was involved in making arrangements for the participants coming to attend the yoga session at Paduka Darshan. During the session I was able to guide people to perform the asanas in the right manner since they did not know the correct way to practise. I was very happy to help in this small way towards such an important and special day of yoga.

Nandini Kumari

My personal experience on this day was a very important one. The confidence that I feel makes me so happy, I can teach yoga anywhere and anytime! I am proud to be associated with Bihar School of Yoga and to call myself a citizen of Munger!

Amit Kumar Malakar