Thank You Swamiji

The Yoga Peeth in Munger is undoubtedly an exemplary institution and as the International Day of Yoga drew near we knew that this occasion would be observed by them in a unique and special manner and we have all seen that this was exactly what happened.

I have come here to request Swamiji that we, the citizens of Munger, be included in your plans and we seek your advice and guidance in how we can also continue to contribute towards spreading the message of yoga among more and more people.

Jay Kishore, Red Cross Society, Munger

In 1963 I had attended a yoga program which was held by Sri Swami Satyanandaji at the Goenka Dharmashala and have been associated since those days. My older son Pavan Kumar used to be called by Swamiji every day to spend time with him and learn yoga and thanks to Swamiji's grace, today he is a well reputed yoga teacher in Dhanbad.

In the recent program I had also hosted a session at my home in Belan Bazaar, Bengali Tola, which was attended by many men, women and children, so much so that the space was insufficient to accommodate everyone. It went off very well and the teacher who had been sent to us conducted everything in an excellent way. I wish to offer my thanks and seek the blessings of Swamiji. With your encouragement and support, so many little children are doing such an amazing job in this City of Yoga. I feel great joy to be witness to this and I am sure that in the future we will continue to have many such programs. All we need is your blessings. Many thanks.

Naval Kishore Prasad Singh

I retired from the Town High School eleven years ago. When we heard about the plans for the International Day of Yoga celebrations in Munger and that a session was being organized at the Intermediate Teachers Bhavan in Bada Bazaar there was not a shadow of doubt in our minds about it and we readily agreed.

It is a widely accepted fact that in order to attain all round progress at the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level the practice of yoga on a daily basis is very necessary. Even those who express many negative attributes become transformed into healthy and better individuals after the practice of yoga.

Swamiji mentioned that they also conducted classes in the jail. One of the senior instructors of our Training College recounted an incident from way back in 1972 that after he conducted yoga classes for the prisoners in the Bhagalpur Jail, many of the prisoners came and fell at his feet, thanking him for teaching them yoga and helping them find a way to live as better human beings.

We all have deep faith in the benefits of practising yoga and being in contact with the study of yoga because it is not related to any community, religious or political affiliations. All intelligent people have accepted it and we are honoured that the light that shines bright from the yoga ashram helps those stumbling about in the dark to find a better path in life.

Ram Naresh Pandey

Though our ashram has been spreading its light and fragrance throughout the world for many years, several thousand people have been fortunate to be associated with the ashram, but for the first time today Swamiji has also brought thousands of homes into its fold.

We, the citizens of Munger, are extremely grateful to the ashram and to this culture which included all our homes in this wonderful program. It is our earnest hope that such activities should carry on so that we can continue to benefit.

Prabhudayal Sagar (Sagar Yadav)

On 21 June 2015 in the city of Munger that is blessed by the flow of the Ganga and Ma Chandika Sthan and the Bihar School of Yoga, it is not possible that in this first City of Yoga people would not awaken to the message of yoga. In the early hours of the morning when I went up onto the roof of my house, I beheld a beautiful flow of people heading towards the many venues where yoga sessions were being organized. It looked like a river and everyone was flowing along, swept by the current that made them seek out places where they could practise yoga.

I could not imagine that 40 people could be accommodated on my roof but that is exactly what happened and all of them practised with a lot of enthusiasm. Everyone came together with a new energy and hope that was inspired by Swamiji and the children of BYMM. It was heartening to see the vigour and spirit with which people worked to organize the programs and make all the arrangements, giving totally of themselves to acquaint people with this culture of yoga. What more can I say? The children stole our hearts and we all benefited greatly from everything.

Citizen of Munger

My name is Roshni Kumari and I conducted a yoga session at the home of Manju Sharma in Vasudevpur. When I arrived I saw that there were very few who had come, not more than ten or so. But by the time I began the session there were more than 50 people participating and the place was not enough to accommodate them all so we asked about 10 to 15 people to follow the practices mentally through visualization. Everyone who was there performed the asanas very well, most of them were old aunties and they did very well. When I was guiding the practice of surya namaskar they did it with great eagerness and when I increased the speed they said, "Oh, could you please slow it down, my child?" We all enjoyed it very much. Hari Om Tat Sat.

Roshni Kumari (BYMM)

Swamiji asked for a women's program. Well, mothers and women work everywhere so there is no question of them being left behind. We requested Swamiji to give us some training for a few days and then we went out with these new teachers. Such zeal and enthusiasm even in ladies who were 60 or 65 years old! They went to the market and bought kurtas and pyjamas for themselves saying that they would also practise surya namaskar.

The seeds sown by Paramahamsaji and Swamiji in Munger are growing into plants all by themselves and bring forth flowers and fruit. This is the effect of the blessings of a saint which we have received. Swami Sivananda and Swami Satyananda brought this to us from Rishikesh and helped it flow into Ganga Sagar – how can we put this glory into words? Our tradition is strong and will endure forever. Like the yoga sutra which states Sato deerghakaalanairantara – our institution of yoga will endure.

What we celebrated was a festival of yoga like Holi and Diwali when we make special delicacies according to our means. It is one festival that we will now look forward to every year. The members of the Ramayana Mandali said that they would not lag behind in this yoga day celebration and earnestly participated in the training classes held at Ganga Darshan. It was really wonderful, the help we received from the ashram and the children made it possible for the newly trained ladies to conduct classes in so many places.

Everything is due to guru's grace; we are just the medium to carry out the work.

Sannyasi Mantranidhi (Ramayana Mandali)