Lessons Learnt – Yogic Studies 2014–15

I learnt that awareness is the key to taking appropriate action and managing the thought process. I understood that yoga is a lifestyle, and I learnt how to maintain focus and energy while doing my seva.

I loved the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa on New Year's Day. It brought me peace and energy.

Veer Abhinav, Jharkhand

I have realized that I can live peacefully without mobile, newspaper, TV or internet. The world is doing fine and I too have got a lot of time for myself now.

Sudhir Madhav Rao, Andhra Pradesh

The best experiences are all the moments when I felt some sort of peace, understanding and hope and when I could open up a little to be more myself.

Now I can see a delicate, tiny little spark in me. I will try humbly to just keep it glowing softly and not try too hard. I will not be harsh on myself even if I lose it but just pick myself up again.

Thank you for everything Swamiji! You've been an inspiration.

Annamaria Gurung, Darjeeling

I learnt that in meditation there is a structure and a system one can follow to reach a certain state of balance in life. I learnt how a daily sadhana should look like, and I learnt to level my own anger, the cold weather and constant discipline.

Lena, Germany

My most valuable lesson was to learn not to be afraid of the unexpected and try to control everything because strength lies within me. As long as I practise my sadhana everyday I can ground myself and find my way back to positive thinking.

The best moment was on 24th December when I heard the Christmas choir sing in Jyoti Mandir. It represented everything I used to love about the Catholic religion, and I felt I was reconnecting with my roots once more.

Luisa Santa Maria, Colombia

I learnt that to be aware is the beginning. I learnt to begin living from inside and not from outside; to understand myself better; to be 100% in what I am doing whatever it is; to live in the present moment; to experience first and to hope to understand later; to improve the quality of the mind, the way of thinking and the quality of life.

It was the dream of my life for many years to come here for this four-month course; it was a deep calling. I did it. I am leaving this place satisfied. I have discovered a new world: internally, the ashram tradition and spirituality. I found new inner strength and faith in me. I have so many beautiful memories.

Pauline, France

The best moments are too many to mention. The experience has been incredible and valuable. I can only express love and gratitude for the teachings, the many blessings we have received, the wonderful group we have been fortunate to have. I will continue to apply simplicity and discipline in my life and encourage others to live the same.

Vrat, Ireland