The Difference

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

There is a world of difference between the yoga of the Bihar School of Yoga and the yoga taught by others. I do not accept the commonly taught yoga where only asana, pranayama and hatha yoga are given.

If a doctor practises only orthopedics, how can he call it a complete medical science? Similarly, for some people hatha yoga is the complete yoga. However, they do not even practise hatha yoga completely, for there so many aspects of hatha yoga that are not implemented. Only asana and pranayama are known. In hatha yoga, along with asana and pranayama there are other processes of purification, the shatkarmas.

The program of the Bihar School of Yoga includes body, mind, emotions and spirit. It does not focus only on physical exercises. Today all other organizations in India are based on asana and pranayama. This is what is being given to society. There is no focus on mental development and spiritual upliftment. However, this has been the focus of the Bihar School of Yoga, and this is the difference.

3 June 2014, Kathmandu, Nepal