Finding the Guru

From Rikhiapeeth Satsangs 4, Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Did you find your guru due to prarabdha karma?

No, guru is not found because of prarabdha. Guru is found only by the grace of God: Rama kripa bina sulabha na soee – "You cannot attain anything auspicious without the grace of divinity." To get a guru and to recognize a guru is very difficult. If you tell a beggar woman to go to the jeweller and buy a diamond, how can she do it, she cannot recognize a diamond. She will ask someone if it is indeed a diamond or not. If you know diamonds then you will say, "Yes, it is a diamond," and if you have no knowledge of diamonds then you will say, "Yes, well, it looks like that." Guru is like a diamond, it is a very great tattwa, element, in life. In India, in almost every community and region there is a tradition of having a guru. In Madhya Pradesh, those people who are uninitiated, those who do not have a guru, are not allowed into the kitchen. It is the custom in Madhya Pradesh that until the daughter-in-law is initiated by a guru, she is not allowed into the kitchen.

Not every teacher in life is a guru. Guru is one who opens your eye of knowledge, removing the darkness from life. How many have found a guru like that? Swami Vivekananda did, and his life became worthy, but that was not because of prarabdha. If a lost traveller in a dense jungle comes upon a forest ranger who leads him out of the forest, would you call that prarabdha? This is not prarabdha, it is God's mercy that the forest ranger reached that spot and showed the traveller the way out.