Types of Kirtan

From the Autobiography of Swami Sivananda

Even today I can easily visualize how, when I sang agada bhum kirtans, thousands of people used to get up and dance. After every bhajan and kirtan, I gave impressive lessons on sadhana. I conducted lorry-kirtans in Bihar. I went to various places in a lorry with a party of devotees and did kirtans. In Rishikesh, on several occasions, I did boat-kirtans.

Another highly interesting feature was the group kirtans. I selected the government officers from the audience for doing kirtan on the platform. Then a chance was given to college professors, doctors, students, ladies and girls. That created great enthusiasm. It was a novel feature. At first they hesitated and felt shy. Then they felt the benefit. After some months they all became staunch kirtanists and established kirtan mandalis in various towns.