Expression of Divinity

From the teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati

The principle of beauty and the splendour of truth are dancing and shining in all of creation: in the man toiling in the field, the birds of the air, the flowers of the garden and the waves of the sea. There is only one law of life pulsating in the veins of the content of the entire universe.

Therefore, behold the brilliance of the diamond in the darkest coal mine. Look at the lustre of the eyes in the ugliest face. Feel the omnipresence of your life in the lowliest creature and discover the greatness of genius in the humblest family groveling in poverty.

To one with insight, whatever he sees is seen to be the master touch of the Divine painter who expresses himself in such infinite and ineffable beauty.


Art is not the fleeting pleasures of the human creature, nor a solace to the sorrow stricken heart, nor for mere aesthetic enjoyment. It is more than this. It is a systematic and scientific living in absolute beauty, in infinite harmony, in perfect peace, in eternal joy. Art is a kingdom of intense feeling, a feeling in which one is aware of the one undivided divine essence of existence. Art is majestic and mystic, idealistic and symbolic, supernatural and transcendental. It is an expression of the unseen in and through the seen.

Only that art blossoms into perfection which is free from the desires of the senses and physical interests. In the name of art one should not fetter oneself to the prison of professionalism and sensuality.

An art that does not aim at discovering the meaning of life, that does not awaken the spiritual consciousness in the human heart, is soulless. The test of true art is implied in its profoundest suggestions. True art should embody the best of the genius of the artist, the finest in him, and awe one into a subtler plane of refinement.

The artists

The artist should be free from pride, selfishness and from all that is related to the world of senses. He should let the Divine fill him with His will to paint the pictures that breathe the healing power and the soothing balm into all onlookers, so that they may be relieved of their illness of mind and sickness of heart.

The artist should be moved by the beauty of truth. His art should be creative and spiritually suggestive. It should be a revelation of his moments of inspired vision and of total self-surrender.

In his creative moods, the artist should soar high, high into the skies of luminous imagination, oblivious of all mundane madness.

Purpose of art

Everyone in this beautiful creation is a piece of art. What we see is but the manifestation of His art. Every man has the eyes of the painter and the poet. Every heart has the dormant feeling for beauty and for the awareness of perfection.

One has to widen one’s consciousness and deepen one’s spirit to be able to develop the vision of the spirit shining in and through matter, and of reality revealing itself in and through the unreal. To escape from this world of limitations into the boundless world of freedom and beauty, power and brilliance, is the purpose of our existence.

Peace and bliss

When one God dwells in all living beings, why do you hate others? Why do you sneer and frown at others? Why do you use harsh words? Why do you try to rule and exploit others? Why are you intolerant? Is this not the height of folly and sheer ignorance?

Make others happy as you strive to make yourself happy. Speak a helpful word, give a cheering smile, do a kind act. Worship the downtrodden and oppressed. They are your first gods. Regard your neighbour’s happiness as your own happiness, and your neighbour’s pain as your own pain. The saints, seers and prophets of the world have spoken of love as the end, aim and goal of life. Therefore, draw inspiration from their teachings, tread the path of love and commune with God.

Feel that this body is a moving temple of God and all beings are images of God. Feel that the power of God works through all hands, sees through all eyes, hears through all ears. You will become a changed being and enjoy the highest peace and bliss.