God's Love

Do not worry about what God will do. Even if you steal in front of God, nothing will happen to you.

Mulshanker, who later became Swami Dayananda, was observing a fast on Shivaratri. During the night, he observed a rat nibbling at the image of Lord Shiva. He wondered why the Lord was not scaring the rat away. As a result of this incident, Swami Dayananda started preaching the philosophy of nirakara Brahma or formless God.

Once a friend asked me why the Lord was not scaring the rat away and I told him that it was not the department of God. Even if someone shits on God, He is not going to react, for that person is like a son to Him. If your son spits in your face, you will still love him. If your child comes home covered with dust and dirt and straightaway sits in your lap, spoiling your nice Banarasi silk sari, what do you do? In the Ramacharitamanas it has also been said:

When Rama came to Dasharatha,
Covered in dust and dirt,
The king smiled and lifted him up into his lap.

There is an altogether different relationship with God, not the relationship of a policeman, magistrate or judge. God is a benign mother or father. You should understand this point.

Therefore, from today onwards, do not worship God out of fear. Gradually overcome the habit of asking favours from Him, for God knows what is in your mind and He will fulfil it. It is said that a fully devoted bhakta is very dear to Him. A lover of God, who can love for the sake of love, who can practise bhakti for the sake of bhakti, is the best of all. I know it is not possible for everyone to do, but there is one thing you need to know: do not be scared of God, be scared of your karmas.

Rikhiapeeth, 1994, published in Bhakti Yoga Sagar, Volume 2