The Greatness of a Man

A man who is really great does not know he is great. A great man is always a humble man, because he is not aware of his greatness. He is not humble because he is practicing or acting with humility. He is humble because he thinks he has nothing. He thinks, "I have nothing to give, I am a very poor man, I know I have no money in the bank." A great man is usually in a state of mind where greatness becomes so petty that he is not aware of it.

The moment one becomes aware of greatness, the ego arises. That is the second type of great person. Really great people are very humble and those who are great, but know that they are great are terrors. And those who are not great but impose the idea of greatness on others in any field of life are suffering from a psychological problem.


These prophets, incarnations, politicians and social reformers are in deep hypnosis. They think that they are going to lead man and raise the level of standards everywhere. Mohammad said he was a savior, Christ said he was savior. I say I am a savior, Krishna said he was savior. Everyone is a savior, but still we are in darkness. Millions of people have been killed and massacred for the sake of a savior.

I am very sure that the person who possesses super-sensual power does not need anything because supernatural powers come to a person only after having arrived at a particular point of mental perfection.

In fact, most of us are hypnotized. If you sincerely analyse your state of mind, you feel that you are always expressing yourself. When you talk, you talk about yourself; when ladies sit together, they talk about their children. You talk about the car which you brought from America and the other person talks about the car which he brought from Russia. You are not listening to each other. This is very gross example of a particular type of hypnosis.

There is so much awareness of the 'I' that the reality of the 'I' is completely clouded. The moment you begin to realize or know what you are, it is a great crisis. Therefore, nature causes a certain subtle hypnosis, but as you grow mentally the hypnosis is withdrawn. In the final stage when you grow in your level of consciousness, hypnosis is completely removed.

Bogotá, Colombia, October 1980