My Guru Has Not Gone

Swami Satyasangananda

I lost my beloved, my Guru, yet I am not weeping.


Some wonder at this lack of grief,
and think that I am cold and incompassionate.


To them I say,
I do not weep because for me my Guru has not gone.


The eye of my heart sees him distinctly.


He is outside of time, but very close by here
Playing and coming to hug me.


As people sometimes see dead relatives in dreams,
I see my Guru constantly in this waking state.


I am even more deeply with Him when
I hide for a moment from the world
and let the leaves of sense perception
drop from the tree of my being.


I see him smiling and laughing, always joyful,
never sad or downcast.


I see him blessing all beings,
especially those in dire need.


I see his immense glow and intense light
crystallizing as a force
that can remove all the burdens of living.


He speaks to me and says love is the way.

The only way.

There is no other way.


Love is the way messengers
from the mysterious world tell us things.

Love is the way my Guru tells me things
and shines inside me,
visible-invisible as my love deepens or diminishes.


Love that is personal divides,
love that is universal unites.


O beloved Guru, you shine forth as love universal
prem and bhakti,
Uniting us with ourselves
and thus with one another!