A Divine Dream

Swami Shruti Gnana Saraswati, Bulgaria

I have started writing this several times but couldn’t go on. What I want to speak about is far beyond the scope of human words, the experience is so deep and extensive that the mind cannot comprehend it. At this moment I remember the words of Tulsidas, “Even the thousand-tongued serpent goddess Shesa, the goddess of speech, could not describe this event”, and much less me, with my human intellect.

Indeed, how could I describe the radiance and brilliance of a sun in the cosmic dome of heaven which, abounding in deep compassion, grace and endless love, decided to put on the clothing of a human being eighty-seven earth years ago and came down amongst us with the aim to ease the sufferings and distress of humans, and draw them out of darkness and ignorance. This deity in human form lighted the crescent of the ancient science of yoga and victoriously carried it ‘from door to door and from shore to shore’, attracting and conquering with his natural modesty and kindness millions of human hearts to follow him in his great mission. A life truly worth the heading ‘I am the Way to Truth and Light’ – the reason why his earthly name is Satyananda. No one and nothing could stop his triumphant passage, as no one can stop the sun from shining and the wind from moving. The gods and Nature paid him tribute by allowing him to accomplish the hardly attainable panchagni, followed by twelve Rajasooya yajnas – a privilege for triumphant emperors only. Through the invincible instrument of his sankalpa to ‘serve, love and give’, Sri Swamiji gave love, wisdom and light to each and every person whom destiny endowed with the privilege to come to his radiant personality.

On completing his earthly mission, Sri Swamiji showed us in a unique way that he holds mastership not only over life, but is also beyond the rules of death. His Mahasamadhi, which scaled the boundaries of the physical body, made him rise as a brilliant sun above us all, bestowing light, warmth and life. It also gloriously manifested that the cosmic powers invoked through the two yajnas this year accompanied this immensely great soul on the way back Home. During the first yajna the Divine Mother came down and cleansed with gentle rain the way to the heaven of one of her most beloved children. With what tenderness and admiration She was watching him through the sparkle in the eyes of the youngest kanyas during the last ritual of feeding Her!

During the second yajna, Shiva came down with his entire power and sprinkled with living flowers and roses the way back to the cosmos of one of his most immense human incarnations. Incredible flourish from all deities, who came to felicitate and pay tribute to the end of the earthly path of this human magnificence, was ringing in the mantras and filling the space during both yajnas. A truly divine symphony!

How can we believe that what we have witnessed is not only a divine dream, how can we express our gratitude to God and guru for this grace – the fortune to touch and be immersed in this awesome event – the life and Mahasamadhi of Paramahamsa Satyananda!

We cannot say anything but kneel humbly at his divine feet and offer: Thank you my God, thank you Sri Swamiji!