Perfect Balance

Rishi Arundhati Saraswati, Canada

Swami Satyananda was the most spiritual person and yet also the most astute businessman I ever met; and it was not for his own personal gain. Yet what he did, he made it prosperous and gave it prestige. He was up on the latest happenings in the West with his shortwave radio, as well as being daily, deeply immersed in his own personal sadhana. He had a very well balanced inner and outer life. His vision was wide-angled and telescopic.

The feelings of love and gratitude to him can never really be expressed nor my personal debt to him repaid. He gave my life a dynamic purpose that is being fulfilled to this day. Even when we travelled with him, we were never sitting around at his feet, but always running errands for him. But I always found that it did not matter if I was sitting at his feet or cooking his food or doing whatever he needed doing, that his presence was there, and still is guiding, loving and inspiring one to be one’s full potential.