Yoga Sadhana Shivir: 1st–10th October & Prana Vidya Course: 12th–18th October

Thesetwo comprehensive residential courses were conducted in Rikhiapeeth by Swami Muktidharma and Swami Karmakaruna of Anahata Yoga Retreat, New Zealand, whose extensive experience in conducting such courses enabled participants to systematically experience the chakras and prana through asana, pranayama and mediation. These courses presented the ancient practices of yoga in a scientific and systematic way with emphasis on practice, theory and application in daily life.

The chakra sadhana attracted sincere aspirants from around the world. The all-inclusive course included asana, pranayama, shatkarmas and the advanced technique of chakra shuddhi, which is a powerful meditation which leads to a gradual cleansing of the chakras and the associated physical, mental, intuitive and higher bliss bodies. This advanced technique transforms and purifies the chakras and prepares the practitioner for higher esoteric practices and the highest state of yoga or self-realization.

The Prana Vidya Course was conducted in the newly completed complex of Patanjali Ashram, the site of the much-anticipated Yoga University. The advanced yoga classes were conducted in Patanjali Ashram Building Four which contains spacious classrooms and sadhana halls perfectly suited to the techniques of prana vidya, as the pure air and elevation of the rooms enabled students to experience prana and delve deeply into these ancient practices.

Students were fortunate to have satsang with Swami Satyasangananda who revealed many aspects of these techniques that were previously shrouded in mystery and cleared many of the questions and doubts that block spiritual growth and development.

Until now, these ancient practices have remained obscured to most yoga practitioners; however, these unique courses conducted in Rikhiapeeth revealed step by step instructions for the practices and practical application of the techniques.