Epilogue by Rikhiapeeth Peethadishwari

By the infinite grace, kindness and compassion showered by Sri Swamiji on Rikhiapeeth, it has become immortal, and a nucleus where the divine and luminous spiritual energy of Paramahamsa Satyananda is forever enshrined. By abandoning his body at his tapobhoomi, Rikhiapeeth, Paramahamsaji has transformed it into the abode of divine beauty. The glow of spiritual luminosity that emits from the sacred shrine of his Mahasamadhi is full of warmth, love, joy, compassion, kindness, appreciation and tremendous tejas or spiritual strength.

Let the divine light of Gurudev come to you from all directions and transmit the splendour of the guru-disciple relationship which remains unbroken life after life after life . . . As he himself said: “Now that the time together is coming to a close, let me assure you that all the answers are within. Constant remembrance and awareness intensifies the link with guru. Feel me within. The atman never dies nor is it ever born. The more you are aware the more I will be close to you, in every life.”

Yogis can attain samadhi even whilst living in the physical body. They can totally unite themselves with the cosmic consciousness during dhyana or meditation. When yogis such as Pujya Gurudev, Paramahamsa Satyananda abandon the gross body, they attain a divya sharira or divine body which is ever-expansive, all-pervading and full of illumined knowledge. This is known as Maha Samadhi, which a yogi earns for himself by the way he lives his life. That is the Great Samadhi by which a yogi attains immortality.

When a yogi such as Swami Satyananda leaves his gross body he becomes one with the universe and is omnipresent and omnipotent. His presence then is all-pervading and can be felt anywhere and at any time.

On 1st March, after the worship of his Samadhi with the colours of Holi, devotees offered colour to the Guru Paduka of Gurudev to traditional chants and kirtans by the kanyas and batuks. The air lifted and everything came alive to the kirtan ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ in which the kanyas guided everyone to a beautiful sweet experience of transcendence. A unified field experience generated itself amongst all gathered for the worship and all felt the benign, tender and gentle effect it created in the environment. After the worship, a jyoti, a translucent and luminous divine light appeared between his padukas. This light entered the frame from the top and positioned itself between the padukas. This sequence of events which was captured on a mobile phone camera was the first darshan of Swami Satyananda since his Mahasamadhi. This is being reproduced here for all devotees so that they too may receive Sri Swamiji’s abundant and eternal blessings.