In the Presence of Truth

Sannyasi Poorna Vidya (Eleni Vionidou), Greece

For me, Sri Swamiji is the heart of our tradition, transferring the spiritual energy to all of us, through every beat.

He taught me, at my early steps, to perceive the world in a different way. It wasn’t necessary to say something with words; it wasn’t necessary to be alone, our minds and our hearts were one. Through each of his movements, through each of his words, it was like he was talking only to me. The crowd would disappear; he was there only for me. I found myself where, as we know, truth is established. I found myself where you experience the truth, where if you live it even once, you know it. Everything around us is fading and takes another form; they are falling like sand castles.

It was like he was saying, “Go ahead; don’t be scared, I gave you the experience, now you know where you’re going.” It was like he was saying, “What you are leaving behind is not important, but what you’re looking ahead is.”

I feel a part of him; he is established in my heart and all of my being. He is with me, inside every cell of mine. Even to think of him is enough, to feel his presence, his energy. It is this boundless love that I feel as soon as I think of him. It is him that I lean my head on to rest, and it is then that all the burdens of the world disappear and all that is left is peace and calmness. He is my shelter, my faith, my lighthouse. Please stay with me.

Stay and continue to guide me. Do not stop. Perhaps, once, your presence could scare me, now I’m looking for it. I’m waiting for your guidance to lead me home, where you’re waiting for me, where you’re waiting for everybody. How has he influenced my life? He just made it his own.

I thank Swami Sivamurti, Swami Niranjan and Swami Satsangi, who made it possible and brought us close to Him.