Emperor of Yoga

Rishi Hridayananda Saraswati, Australia

How can we ever write about a man who is more emperor of yoga than just a swami? He touched everyone with his lion’s roar, and filled every heart with what was needed. No words can describe him. Living with him expanded our view of the world as a place to act and play in joy, and to love his simple words: “A guru may leave his body, but will continue to live in the heart of every disciple. His spirit lives forever if the disciple is in tune with him. He guides us at all times, in thought, emotions and in actual life. Disciples may go away, but guru’s grace follows them.”

He said, “I do not feel I have done anything because my simple philosophy is that everything is an expression of guru’s will.” The message we have to remember is that if we are a disciple, we must be ready to dedicate all to our guru and direct our effort and endeavour to carry out his work, whatever it may be, because we are merely an extension of our guru in body, mind and consciousness.