Satsang with Sri Swamiji

Communion with Guru

My blessings are always with you and within you. You can feel me and my good wishes in the very soul of your being. You can commune with me during meditation. You can materialize the guru and God in flesh and blood, wherever you want and whenever you want.

Ye, transcend sorrow and misery!
I am ringing you up,
But where have you gone?
To attend the feast of indriyas?
Thy Soul is forever with me; I with you.
We talk of higher things;
And not of body, which is not all-pervading.
Thy Soul and my Soul,
Though separated by time and space, are one.
Not that you have to join the two in ONE;
Just rend asunder the separating factors
By understanding and sadhana.
And when the wall is gone and the veil removed,
You will forget who was who.
For river would have become Ocean.

Atman is the expression of beyond – yes, beyond the senses of sound, touch, taste and smell, beyond thought, intelligence, memory and feeling. Far beyond the experiences of this body, mind and empirical existence, at the height of perfect silence and oneness, there is someone whom yogis have seen in the superconscious state. That is atman.

After transcending the earthly consciousness, yogis commune with him who is immortal – whose body is all that you see and who is the essence of everything. He is rasa – the blissful taste of love. Upon attaining him, one becomes bliss itself.

Indeed, in this vessel alone would the highest purity prevail, indomitable courage abide and all the powers of nature flourish. If you have in you that one-pointed awareness of form, then you are really blessed.

You are still under the wrong conception that your guru is geographically and physically far from you. He is in you. Between you and him is just a veil; a veil of meditational incapacity and lack of spiritual vision. This is the distance. Open the door, just step in and look within. Don’t look back; yes, on and on, in and in.

There in your fourth chamber, he dwells. The pathway to his palace is sadhana. The zeal to reach the palace is bhakti. The key to open the lock is concentration. The attempt to enter in is pratyahara. The transcendence of three chambers is meditation and the fourth chamber is where he is.

There the two become ONE. There the long awaited union. There the ‘end all’ of all dual efforts. There one can’t think through the mind, can’t see with the eyes, can’t perceive through sense experiences. The intellect can’t function there; much less speech. In that chamber long forgotten glory shines. Eternal light! Shiva and Shakti merge there in each other. Names and forms vanish. That is the ultimate goal of divine love – bhakti. That is the abode of truth. That is the abode of thy guru.

Your guru will come, when the rains in thy life would have passed away. He will come, when the night would be perfectly silent. He will come, when you would be all alone, none in thee. Surely he will rise from within yourself like a sunbeam – sudden, unwarranted and awe-inspiring.

He will neither come in dreams, nor in waking, nor even in sleep, not at all in thoughts. When thy kith and kin, life-long companions and old relatives (samskaras and worldly consciousness) would have gone into dead slumber, it is then that he will descend from the heights just to take you up with him. Let the night come and the world sleep; let there be none on his way. He will certainly come upon thy soul. Note the time and place.

Prior to his arrival! A nightingale will sing aloud; silver bells will ring under starry skies; an angel will sing from the oceans; a veena will be harped upon; drums will be beaten; a flute will be played; and with the falling of a thunderbolt he will descend upon thee.

Prior to his arrival! Lights of various colours will flash in the sky; someone will secretly visit thee; fire will pass through thee; angels will appear; fierce spirits will come to inform thee about his arrival; and, someone will come and lift thee up in the air; and, with the appearance of a host of overwhelming clouds of different hues, he will arise from thee. He will come, when the place is ready for him.

Letter to Vishwaprem, first published in Steps to Yoga & Initiation Papers