Satsang with Sri Swamiji

Aim of Sannyasa

The aim of sannyasa is to dedicate one’s whole life to the worship of God . . .

However, not every-one who takes sannyasa can fulfil this aim because each one brings with him his own karmas. I also had karmas; some I exhausted with my guru and some I have exhausted here. I feel that the karmas have now gone. Munger and even yoga are part of a very remote past for me. And as for you people? I have nothing to do with you. A sadhu is not a friend of anyone. He will have a chat with you and then slip away. I am also like that. I will talk to you and then quietly go.

I am one of those people who slips away quietly after taking a puff. Sadhus are not friendly with anyone. Sadhus do not have a heart; it is a fact. He who has a heart cannot become a sadhu. If the sadhu had a heart, he could not have left his mother and father. They are the symbols of love, affection and compassion. He could not have left the father and mother who fed and cared for him. Such a person does not have a heart.

When I came into this world, I offered my heart to God. I am like the monkey who kept his heart on the jamun tree. I did not bring it with me. When you do not have a heart, how can you love someone? You keep your love with you in your heart and this is why you have to keep playing the drama. I performed this drama until I was able to perfect it. Now I am giving up the performance.

Rikhiapeeth, 8 December 1994, first published in Bhakti Yoga Sagar Vol. 2