Time, Place and Object

Our planet is part of the solar system and the solar system is part of another galactic system. This galactic system is not static, it is moving in infinite space. As it moves, it arrives at different points and the conditions change every day. The earth is continuously under different influences. In the infinite space, it comes across various forces: gravitational, astral, atomic, and so on. And the changes are continuous.

However, as a planet the earth is no longer evolving; it is declining. A child’s body evolves whereas an old person’s body dwindles. It is the same with a planet. In satya and treta yugas the earth evolved, in dwapara yuga it was static, and in kali yuga it is declining. This is true physically as well as morally. The earth as a physical planet is losing its creativity. Millions of years ago, this earth was capable of producing dinosaurs, elephants and human beings from its body. The first srishti, creation, was natural. The second srishti was maithuni. Creation is of two types: Brahmi, divine, and maithuni, sexual. We are born of a mother and father; we are not born of the earth. However, a mosquito and a fly are born of the earth. Today, the earth can produce an insect, but it has lost the strength to produce big life. Now this earth cannot create a monkey, an elephant or even a bird; it can only create insects, caterpillars and mosquitoes.

The original species on this planet were not an outcome of sexual interaction; they were an outcome of natural creation. Natural creation means that they were produced through the amalgamation of the five elements: akasha (ether), vayu (air), jala (water), agni (fire) and prithvi (earth). Through the process of quintuplication of the five elements life was created. In the Panchadashi, Swami Vidyananda has spoken of this process. This entire creation is a permutation and combination of the five elements. All living beings are produced out of them and also dissolve into them. This is why the earth is called a goddess. This process has evolved over ages, and now it is declining. It does not happen any more. Now only mosquitoes are produced naturally. And a day may come when they will also not be produced.

It is the same with the atmosphere: the atmospheric space between you and me is not empty. It is charged. Atomic, electric and many other types of energies criss-cross over it. The space between two planets is known as intermediate space. Many invisible powers reside eternally in this space. The scriptures say this and modern science also declares that this space is not empty. It is packed with elements. Our words, thoughts, breath, blessings, all go into that space. If you want to understand this well, you should study astronomy and astrology.

The Indian system of almanac-making is called panchang, that which has five parts. These five parts are the five realms of Time. This Time, spelled with a capital T, is called kaal. There is an object in this Time, which is enveloped in Time. Time is its basis. The Upanishads refer to this process. This creation is based on Time. Just as a pitcher has a basis, the creation has a basis, which is Time. And we regard this Time as Shiva. He is Mahakaal, the Great Time. And who is Shakti? Kali. Kali is the feminine aspect of Kaal.

The third aspect of creation is desha or place. Today the earth is at this place or time in space; tomorrow it will be thousands of miles away. The place, the location or the point of the planet earth or the solar system is not the same today as it was years ago. The earth revolves round the sun and also on its own axis. Similarly, the sun also revolves in another dimension and also on its own axis. When the earth completes one round on its own axis, it makes a day and a night. And when it completes one revolution around the sun, it makes an ayana, passage. They are called uttarayana and dakshinayana, the northward and southward paths of the sun. It also crosses over different points, which are called nakshatra, lunar mansions. They make the seasons, and thus the twelve months are over. So, creation is based on these three things: time, space and object.