Correct Judgement

Everybody should think within certain limits. Then the brain is not unduly burdened and judgements also become accurate. My judgement is always correct because I do not overtax my mind. I never thought in terms of ‘We should have a hospital for fifty people with five doctors; there should be this and that facility.’ I continued to develop things slowly. As the need arose, I continued to add things, for I knew that one should not overburden the mind. If you do so, it will miss the judgement. And if the judgement is missed, mistakes will be made.

This is the rule of God. This is the law of nature. When a child is born, it eats and sleeps; it cannot do any work. When it grows a little, it starts crawling on the knees, but does not walk. The body, the chemistry, brain, heart, all adjust slowly. The body starts to develop slowly, so there is no crisis in the body or the personality. If you start doing big things suddenly it will burden your brain and its chemistry will collapse.

Every thought that you think is registered in the chemistry of the brain and creates an electromagnetic circuit. If you are overambitious, you are overusing the chemicals in the brain, and in the course of time that will lead to a state of depression. That is the reason why our saints and sages said, think properly.

When I established the ashram, we had no rooms, everybody used to sleep in the hall, spreading straw on the ground. Not that we could not construct the rooms, we just did not do it. Always remember one point: the mind, the emotions and the imagination should not be overstressed. Stress is not psychological; it is psychosomatic. Each stress produces a particular chemical. I am speaking, you are comprehending and she is listening. All this is chemical action. If something changes in these chemicals, you will not be able to listen and understand, and I will not be able to speak. It is the fluids in the body that produce passion, anger, greed and infatuation. Mental diseases are the outcome of chemical actions and reactions within your body and mind. Activation of the adrenal fluids generates fear. Activation of the thyroid generates heat. This is why I do not think much. Whatever work I started in my life, I did it to fulfil some needs. God has given me the brains; I could have thought beyond this. But by doing things slowly, every system adjusts and the judgements are correct.