Guru Poornima Message

Swami Sivananda

Seekers of Truth! On the holy occasion of Guru Poornima, dedicate yourselves afresh to the service of the teachers of humanity, to the ideals lived by them, to the teachings bestowed by them. Hark their message of peace and goodwill, of unselfish love towards all beings, of willing service to the suffering and the forlorn, of purification and refinement of your nature, of cultivation of all that is positive and desirable, and effacement of all that is crude, coarse, mean and impure.

Forget not the goal. Forget not that truth is real and untruth a dereliction; success is real, failure an impetus; love is real, hate a misguided impulse; happiness is real, sorrow a self-delusion; life is real, death a changing phase of life itself, always directed towards the better.

Meditate, and usher in the dawn of peace and inner illumination. Introspect, and cleanse the dross of mundane desires. Reflect, and sift the real from the unreal. Amidst this earthly panorama of colour and pageant, of candour and deceit, of ardour and disdain, of panegyrics and calumny, through the waxing and waning of life – find grace and poise, beauty and happiness in the solitude of your heart, in the sanctum of your essential spiritual nature. Be a witness. Know yourself, and be free.

May the blessings of the Brahmavidya gurus, of the past and the present, be ever upon you all!