Give, Give, Give!

Devi Ma loves Rikhiapeeth! The grace and blessing of the Divine Mother shower upon Rikhiapeeth not just during the sacred Sat Chandi Mahayajna, but all year round.

The scheduled date to conclude the distribution of Devi Prasad that had begun on the first day of Sat Chandi Mahayajna, 28th November 2008, was Makar Sankranti, 14th January 2009. To keep to the schedule the sannyasins and devotees worked hard to pack and prepare the Prasad bags and to fulfil the instruction from Swami Satsangi that everything must be given. Not one item was to remain on the shelves of Prasad Kutir. Prasad distribution to over 800 families was conducted daily to ensure that Devi Prasad reached the most needy within the community.

After nearly two months of continuous giving the shelves were finally emptied and on 14th January, the proposed final distribution of Prasad to villagers was conducted. There was a brief sense of excitement as Prasad had been given to more families than ever before.

However, as it often happens in Rikhiapeeth, we were once again to realize the truth of Swami Satyananda’s words. We are indeed fortunate to live in a place where Sri Swamiji’s teachings are experienced and lived! Swami Satyananda has said, “Give, give and give. This is the secret of abundance.” On Makar Sankranti, an hour after the ‘final’ distribution, news was received that we were to receive a new consignment of 5,000 blankets!

Sure enough, within a few hours the shelves that had been empty for a little more than an hour were once again overflowing with Prasad. And so it began again, lists were prepared, tokens distributed, 5,000 villagers were called and Devi Prasad was distributed day after day. The blankets that were given as Prasad were most timely as winter was still upon us, and the recipients welcomed the relief from the biting cold of winter nights.

The distribution that began on 28th November 2008 continued daily until 7th February 2009. The Prasad that was received by over 20,000 families from 36 panchayats was the Prasad of Devi Ma. Prasad brings happiness and is a vehicle for receiving Her grace, Her love, Her compassion and Her care.