Activities of Sivananda Datavya Chikitsalaya in Year 2008

The Sivananda Datavya Chikitsalaya attended to the needy and poor patients from the surrounding areas of Rikhiapeeth from 15th January to 15th November 2008 on an outpatient basis. The Chikitsalaya received medicines in donation from devotees of Sri Swamiji from all over the world, which were used for treating patients during the year.

A brief summary of its activities during the year are as follows:

1. Patient Data:

  New patients Old (follow-up) patients
  M F Total M F Total
Adults 1550 1650 3200 1100 2800 3900
Children (<18 yrs) 1100 950 2050 1150 1200 2350
Total 2650 2600 5250 2250 4000 6250
Grand Total 11500

2. TB Patient Data:

Enrolled in 2008 361
Discharged in 2008 250
On treatment as on Nov 2008 111

The TB patients are regularly monitored and receive medicines from the clinic every fortnight when they present themselves to the clinic for their check-up. In addition to medication, the patients are also checked for any other concurrent illness, which are also treated. They also recieve various supplements like proteins, chawanprash (an ayurvedic rejuvenatory medicine), ghee and so on.

3. ANC/PNC patients: A total of 150 pregnant women received supplements of iron, multivitamins, calcium and protein powder fortnightly, in addition to regular maternal and foetal monitoring. They also received other medication needed for incidental and associated illnesses.

4. Paediatric patients: A total of 500 children (including kanyas and batuks) of the Rikhia Panchayat, with ages ranging from 5 to 15 years were monitored regularly during the year. Those who were below the expected weight-for-age received supplements such as proteins, iron, multivitamins and calcium to correct deficiencies, in addition to treatment of associated illnesses.

5. Donations: The clinic received medicines in the form of donations from all over the globe. Some of the donors were: Satyananda Yoga Centre, Mumbai; Satyadarshan Yoga Ashram, Raipur; Dr Amrish Vaidya, Mumbai; Satyananda Ashram Greece, and many others.

6. Seva: Devotees from all parts of the world offered their seva in the clinic during the year for varying durations. Some of the doctors offering their seva are: Dr Manjiri Dwivedi, Varanasi, Dr Sahay, Bhagalpur and Dr Anna Timmis, England. Many other devotees also offered their seva in the clinic from time to time.

7. Camps: An eye camp was held in the clinic in the month of January, to detect and treat vision disturbances, cataract and other minor eye infections. Over 700 patients benefited from the camp. Free spectacles were distributed to over 400 patients while about 500 patients received medication for various eye illnesses and about 200 patients were recommended for cataract surgery with IOL implantation.