Yajnas herald the awakening of human consciousness and represent that moment in history when prehistoric man discovered fire and crossed the threshold from instinctive animal nature to higher planes of consciousness.

Fire is one of the five elements of creation and its existence is eternal. We all know that Agni or fire has been foremost in illuminating the path of man. The discovery of fire and its potential was a giant leap from animal to human awareness. Since then we have used fire to cook food, keep warm, as well as a source of light. It remains a silent witness to each and every act of life and is our sole companion even in death.

Through the purifying influence of Agni or fire and the sound vibration of mantras, the effect of yajna takes place on two levels: internal and external. The external yajna helps in balancing and purifying the ecology and the internal indicates the ignition of man’s consciousness as he awakens to realize his being.

This Sat Chandi Mahayajna, which has been conducted in Rikhia for twelve years as a sankalpa of Swami Satyananda, symbolizes the process of Generation, Distribution and Consumption, the three aspects of creation. During this yajna, prasad is first offered to Devi Ma and then distributed and consumed by people from all religions, castes and creeds.

Swami Satyananda has said, “The future man will have transcended sensuality. He will transcend rationality and intellectualism and arrive at a spiritual forum. The ultimate aim of yajna is self-realization.” What you will witness here in Rikhiapeeth bears testimony to this as by exposing us to yajna, Swami Satyananda has shown us a practical way to reach this goal.