Welcome Address

Given by Atmasundari, New Zealand

Namo Narayan

With joy I welcome you to the culmination of this most sacred and auspicious Sat Chandi Mahayajna dedicated to the Mother Supreme. You have come from different religions, castes and creeds and from every corner of the world for just one reason, to be near the Cosmic Mother and receive her love and blessings.

I am the Universal Mother, the creator as well as creation. In different languages you call me by different names: Mother, Madre, Mata, Mai, yet the first word each and every one of you uttered was my name, Ma. You have gathered here in Rikhiapeeth to sing my glories, with “Ma” on your lips and in your hearts.

I am the embodiment of compassion and kindness with infinite love and forgiveness for all. I do not judge, I do not see weaknesses or differences; rather, I see only the purity of your heart. I am the mother of all, pious and wicked, rich and poor, saints and sinners. My grace showers upon those who call to me with the innocence of children.

Love is the only transforming power, and I, the Cosmic Mother, am the fountain of divine love. Love sustains creation and leads to spiritual growth and progress. Love will transform your enemies into friends.

For the duration of this yajna let there be nothing but love in your hearts, let your thoughts be pure and sublime and become as simple as a child. Open your heart and receive my grace, which will relieve your sorrow and fill you with joy and peace.

This place abounds in divine and spiritual vibrations, so develop your spiritual awareness and open your heart by singing kirtans and chanting mantras. What you are searching for is very close to you; with each and every breath remember this. Yajnas bestow peace, plenty, prosperity and above all they purify. This most sacred Rajasooya Yajna will purify hearts and minds.

I am present as the Cosmic Shakti. You should see me in everything, from the tiniest blade of grass to the tallest tree. Try to feel that I see through your eyes, hear through your ears and work through your hands. To feel my presence is a very precious thing and it is the ultimate truth of human life.

So, be ready, alert and aware, opportunities come only once, never a second time. I am very near. I am here. The blessings of the Mother are with you all.