New Year Message

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

In this age, our task is not so much altering the plans of nations as the creation of a new world movement of spiritual education. The aim is to purify and transform the individual. For the prime and fundamental unit of all wider groups, whether race, nation or human society, is the individual.

People need to be weaned away from negative tendencies in thought, feeling and action. This is not impossible, for the Divine exists in all beings and is an integral part of every individual consciousness. The method to draw it out is appropriate education. This task of gradually yet surely transforming the nature of people has to be seriously undertaken, if the hope of creating a new generation and bringing into existence a new humanity is to be fulfilled.

All those who wish to work for universal well-being should strive to create a condition that will free the future generation. If the world is to have peace, there has to be less hypocrisy, prejudice, fear, slavery to outdated traditions and material values. Above all, the ideal of ‘live and let live’, to consider another’s rights, necessities and self-respect as much as our own must be realized. May you all live happily, with one heart!