The Circle of Evolution

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

There is a reason why we are born. We have a definite destiny and that is why we are here as human beings. Man is the link between the animal and the divine. We are an important part of the great evolution. After assuming human birth, physical evolution comes to an end and spiritual evolution begins. Evolution now continues on the level of senses, mind, intellect, emotion, chitta, and the self. We evolve not simply on the physical and mental planes, but also on the spiritual plane.

Human evolution is infinite, like a circle. At the ultimate point of evolution, the individual goes out of the structure and becomes the creator. Such individuals are called junior creators. Gurus are junior creators. When their evolution has reached a certain point, they come out. This is also how evolution is taking place in the material universe. When the energy revolves, at a particular point of evolution it issues forth and becomes another creative energy. We call it co-creator energy. This is the theory of avataras and gurus.

During the course of the evolution, much confusion takes place. The great mess which people find themselves in is not due to degeneration; it is due to the process of cleansing the whole structure of man. For many centuries man has been influenced by tradition and cults led by very powerful people, but now he has come out and is discovering his own self. People of all ages are trying to discover their own nucleus. I have witnessed the resurgence of man’s long-awaited spiritual aspirations. Everywhere in the world today, individual awakening is occurring.

There was a time when scientists were not prepared to accept anything beyond this biological structure, but today we are being forced to think beyond these limitations. People used to believe that thought was a product of the brain, but now we know that the mind and brain are different. As we progress, however, we must allow the spiritual philosophy to exist alongside the materialistic philosophy.

In the Age of Aquarius, as it is known, human beings will respect both material and spiritual states of existence. There have been times when spiritual life only has been emphasized and the material aspects ignored, whereas in the century before, spiritual life was forgotten and the emphasis was on material achievement. However, in the last lap of the twentieth century and at the outset of this one, we see human beings trying to bring the two parallel to each other. Matter and spirit – material advancement and spiritual awakening – are both necessary for integral evolution.