The humble people of the Indian rural community live a life perfectly in balance with nature. They don’t disturb nature for their own purpose, sustenance, greed or sensuality. They do not exploit nature, but live with nature. Any community that lives with nature follows a divine path. Nature is not created by divinity, but is a part of divinity. There is silence and simplicity in the lives of those who live with nature.

The poverty that the villagers live in is not self-imposed; it is a result of their situation. Nevertheless, it is a positive thing. Poverty is not a negative thing. It may be a negative thing for the greedy, the exploiters, the cheats and dacoits, but for those who are seeking spiritual life, poverty is not a negative state. In fact, if you want to experience spirituality, live like a poor person even if you are not poor. Reduce your wants, limit your needs and restrict your temptations. This does not go against the tenets of any religion; rather, this is what every religion has been saying for several millennia. There is no end to human desires. Desires will continue to grow. A restriction, limit or brake has to be put on them.

The rural community in Rikhia is very poor. Blessed are the poor! The poor are always meek. Poor people cannot assume arrogance. If they act arrogantly, they will be kicked by the rich. The poor do not have a chance. The only way for them is to be meek. It has been said in the Bible, “The meek shall inherit the earth.” So, blessed are the meek.