Energy Fields

I went to Vaishno Devi and it felt as if I had brought back an energy field from there, but a few months later it disappeared.

There are two kinds of aspirants – stupid and crooked. In Sanskrit, the stupid are called moodha, idiotic, and the crooked are called shatha, wicked. When the stupid aspirant comes within the periphery of an energy field, it has no effect on him. It is the same as not being able to pass electricity through wood because it is a bad conductor. The crooked aspirant, however, is a good conductor. When he receives satsang, the company of the pious, when he is within an energy field, he is affected.

Crooked aspirants are also of two kinds. One is affected by being within an energy field, but resumes his crooked nature on emerging from it. The relationship of the other kind with a pure energy field is like the relationship between iron and the philosopher’s stone. The philosopher’s stone can convert iron into gold, but it does not turn iron into the philosopher’s stone. Tulsidas wrote on this subject in the Ramacharitamanas:

Shatha sudharahin satasangatee paaee,
Paarasa parasa kudhaatu suhaaee.

Just as iron turns into gold with the touch of the philosopher’s stone, a wicked man too transforms through the company of the pious.

Kudhatu means iron that turns into gold. This is true. A crooked person can change. That is why it has been said that everyone should go to an ashram, pilgrimage or satsang every now and then. If this is not possible, then in your own house, for fifteen minutes, half an hour or an hour, once a month or a few days in the year, create such an environment that the energy field that you are talking about is created. That energy field in fact exists within you, within every person.

There is an energy field within us. I am speaking from the point of view of science now. You might have heard the name of a Russian couple called Kirlian. They conducted an experiment and discovered that human beings are surrounded by an energy field. The halo that you see around Rama or Krishna in their pictures is the energy field that surrounds every individual. It increases and decreases, stays for a very long time and disappears too. In fact, every object that you touch has an energy field. This is a vast subject.

Every individual is an energy field in himself, and this energy field can be expanded as well as contracted. You do not need any other energy field. You may go to a guru, a saint or on a pilgrimage and come within the periphery of an external energy field, but on returning, that energy field slowly diminishes. The energy field that you went into at Vaishno Devi was that of the Devi. It was a manifested energy field; you are an unmanifest energy field. The divine energy field that lies within you is contracted. So try to make it manifest.

Some people say that the energy field within lies in the mind, some say in the heart, and some say in mooladhara chakra. It is difficult to see it, but it is through this magnetic energy that many people compel thousands and millions to follow them like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Hitler took all of Germany within his energy field. Wherever Mahatma Gandhi went, a storm followed him. He had such a strong influence that entire villages would walk behind him. He was just a lawyer from Gujarat who went abroad and then returned to India. People did not follow him because he was working for the independence of India, but because his magnetic energy field had expanded to such an extent that they found themselves inadvertently drawn to him.

The energy field exists within every person; it is not possible to lose it. You may think that you received it from someone or somewhere and then lost it, but that’s because you cannot manifest your own energy field. To do this, the medium will have to be your worldly life. Marriage, food, home, society and work are the mediums. They are not the aim, just as the train is the medium and not the destination. Life, family, body, yoga, copulation, joy and sorrow are mediums. Whoever exists in this world is a medium. This is the thought that you should walk with.

One who considers this world as the medium never suffers. Suffering is felt by one who considers life to be the destination. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Ramana Maharishi considered their soul as the foundation and therefore they became gods. You, too, can become God. A normal person does not become God because he considers his life as the goal. If you do not consider your life, son, wife, husband as the goal, you will find that nothing ever goes wrong. The pain of neither the body nor the mind is felt any longer.